Sunday, September 18, 2016

Random Smorgasbord

1988 Star Orange-Blue Print Dwight Gooden #11 (UER, unlisted). Found this one after I had made the post about Star Co. cards earlier in the year. I like this one because there's a lot of detail.

1988 Star Gregg Jefferies #3 (UER, unlisted). Also only found out about this Star Co. card later after the original post.

1979 Topps #129 Norm Thompson (unissued proof). I only know about this from a Keith Olbermann blog post. Since it's a proof, there is probably only one in the world and we'll probably never see it with our own eyes.

1977 Topps #557B Jerry White (unissued proof). Also only know about this from Olbermann.

1992 Front Row Willie Stargell Promos #2 (UER, unlisted). Stargell was a lefty and the #8 on the jersey is on the wrong side.

1992 Topps Magazine #72 Minnesota Twins (UER, unlisted, photo on left). Compare with the same photo from the Sports Illustrated cover on the right pic.

1989 Franchise Game #18 Cris Collinsworth (UER, unlisted). He wore #80 and the ) on his jersey in this pic is the first number appearing.

1982-83 Souhaits Renaissance Keychain Detroit Red Wings #NNO Walt McKechnie (unlisted). Hard to tell from the tiny scan, but his jersey logo is facing the wrong way.

1983 TCMA Tri-Cities Triplets 23 Jim Cesario. Not sure if this is reversed or not, but the writing on the jersey looks like it may be angled in the opposite way from what the Triplets uniforms look like in teammates' cards from the set. Also he is posing as a lefty, while he was a righty in real life.

1976 TCMA 1938 Chicago Cubs #PHCA Phil Cavaretta (middle photo) and #RICO Ripper Collins (far left photo) (unlisted). What's bizarre about these is that they do not appear to be reverse negatives of the photographs but the logo on the hats are reversed. You can tell by comparing the Cavaretta error in the middle with the correct photo on the far right, which does not have a backwards C.

1988 Monty Gum #26 Houston Oilers Tackled From Behind (UK). All the numbers and letters in this pic are obviously reversed.

1988 Swell Greats #66 Yale Lary (UER, unlisted). The 28 on his uniform is reversed and he kicked with his right foot, while he is kicking with his left in this photo.

1933 O-Pee-Chee Jimmy Ward Series A. The series B card is pictured here, but I read somewhere that the Series A photo is reversed. Haven't actually seen a scan though.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #41A Bobby Hull. The error is on the right with the reversed 7 and Blackhawks logo, while the corrected version is on the left.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #55A Fred Standfield. Error on the left, corrected on the right.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #80A Eddie Joyal. Red Wings logo is facing the wrong way.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #94A. Floyd Smith. Like the Joyal card, the Red Wings logo is reversed.

2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York #147 Elston Howard (UER, unlisted). Found out about this after my post on post-1995 rev negs last year. Found it on the Trading Card Database website. Yet another Reversed Yankees logo.

This card from the 1964 Topps baseball set is subtle but has Hank Aaron batting lefty.

Next post will be all about soccer cards from around the world...

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pre-War Baseball

These are the pre-WW2 baseball reverse negatives that I was able to locate. Chances are there are a great deal more out there than I have featured, so I will continue to search for more and update the blog with them as they arise.

1909-11 T206 #NNO Doc Crandall

1921 W516-1-2 #2 Heinie Groh (pic on right, compare  to the W516-2-3 version on the left)

1921 W516-2-1 #25 George Kelly (pic on left)

1921 W516-2-2 #7 Ray Schalk (name also misspelled on the card)

1921 W521 #6 George Sisler

1921 W521 #15 Ray Schalk

1921 W516-2-2 #2 Grover Alexander

The next post will be a random smorgasbord of different baseball, football, and hockey reverses that I was unable to fit into any of the neat and tidy categories listed before. After that post, I will get into other sports outside of the major Americans ones, such as soccer, cricket, rugby, racing, boxing, and Olympic cards.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Product Issued

1962 Post Cereal Canadian #71 Gene Woodling. Rev neg Canadian version is on left, compared to the American version on the right.

1979 Hostess #105A Bob Bailor. Pic is on right and has a corrected version in the Hostess set. The same correct version of the pic is used for the 1978 Topps card of Bailor, pictured on the left.

1980 Pepsi Cola All-Stars Prototype #9 Ron Guidry (UER). You will never find this card because it is impossibly rare.

1992 Pepsi Canada #5A Tom Glavine. Reverse is on the left. Glavine is a lefty in real life and you can just make out the backwards E on the back of his jersey.

1994 Kraft Superstars #17 Barry Bonds. Since the logos are airbrushed out in the pic, the way you can tell is that Bonds is pictured as a righty when he is actually a lefty in reality.

1998 Kenner Starting Lineup #4 Kevin Brown (UER, unlisted)

1968 Champion Corn Flakes #8A13 Don Maynard (UER, unlisted)

1969 Glendale Stamps #111 Mel Farr (UER, unlisted)

1969 Glendale Stamps #175 Bob Griese (UER, unlisted)

The are also reverse negatives of the 1948 Winner Candy #48 Roberto Clemente and the 1976 Hostess unissued proof of the #63 Ron Cey card. Both are listed in price guides but I have not yet found scans of either one.

The next post be on pre-war baseball cards....

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Team Issued

This post is on reverse negatives in team issued sets. Minor league team issued sets are not included since all minor league cards I have found have been discussed in past posts.

1960 Atlanta Braves Spic and Span #7A Del Crandall. The reverse is the bottom center photo with him batting lefty, and the corrected version is the bottom right photo with him batting righty.

1961 Jay Publishing Detroit Tigers #6 Chuck Cottier

1963 Jay Publishing Milwaukee Braves Sets A and B #NNO Lew Burdette

1967 Philadelphia Phillies Team Picture Pack #3 Jim Bunning

1972 St. Louis Cardinals Team Issue #5A Ted Simmons (reverse pic on right). There is also apparently a rev neg of Ted Simmons in the 1971 LPIU Team Postcard set, but I have not found a scan of it as of yet.

1979 Cleveland Indians Postcards #3 Dell Alston

1979 San Diego Padres Family Fun Centers Dean's Photo #34 Dave Campbell (unlisted).

1983 Boston Globe Boston Red Sox Series 2 #108 Chuck Schilling (unlisted). 

1986 Mother's Seattle Mariners #10 Barry Bonnell (UER, unlisted). One way to tell with this one is that the Mariners logo on his shirt is on the wrong side.

1994 GTS '69 New York Mets Phone Cards #NNO Ed Kranepool (unlisted). You can tell because the N in the NY logo is reversed. For some reason though, there aren't nearly as many reversed Mets hats as there are Yankees hats.

As far as baseball goes, there is also a reverse negative of the Mike Portugal card from the 1994 San Fransisco Giants AMC Theaters set, but I have only seen it listed in price guides. Never ran across a scan of it.

1982 Pittsburgh Steelers Police #44 Frank Pollard (unlisted). The 44 is obviously reversed.

1983 Frito Lay New England Patriots #? Mike Kerrigan (unlisted). Kerrigan should be right handed and the 15 on his jersey is reversed.

1983 Frito Lay New England Patriots #? Ricky Smith (unlisted)

1983 Frito Lay New England Patriots #? Tony Eason (unlisted). Eason should be right handed and the 11 on his jersey is reversed.

There is also a reverse error of the 1981 Patriots Frito Lay #35 Bill Lenkaitis card, which I have seen at one point but did not save a scan of it. For some reason, they really had production problems with these Frito Lay Patriots cards.

1986 Miami Dolphins Law Enforcement #12 Mark Clayton (UER, unlisted). All the jersey numbers in this card are noticeably reversed.

1970-71 Phoenix Suns A1 Premium Beer #8A Dick Van Arsdale. There is also a corrected version of this card. One of the few basketball rev negs out there, this is also a seriously rare card that will cost you a pretty penny if you happen to see it pop up on eBay.

Stay tuned for my next post listing product issued cards (e.g. cards found in cereal boxes and such)...