Sunday, September 18, 2016

Random Smorgasbord

1988 Star Orange-Blue Print Dwight Gooden #11 (UER, unlisted). Found this one after I had made the post about Star Co. cards earlier in the year. I like this one because there's a lot of detail.

1988 Star Gregg Jefferies #3 (UER, unlisted). Also only found out about this Star Co. card later after the original post.

1979 Topps #129 Norm Thompson (unissued proof). I only know about this from a Keith Olbermann blog post. Since it's a proof, there is probably only one in the world and we'll probably never see it with our own eyes.

1977 Topps #557B Jerry White (unissued proof). Also only know about this from Olbermann.

1992 Front Row Willie Stargell Promos #2 (UER, unlisted). Stargell was a lefty and the #8 on the jersey is on the wrong side.

1992 Topps Magazine #72 Minnesota Twins (UER, unlisted, photo on left). Compare with the same photo from the Sports Illustrated cover on the right pic.

1989 Franchise Game #18 Cris Collinsworth (UER, unlisted). He wore #80 and the ) on his jersey in this pic is the first number appearing.

1982-83 Souhaits Renaissance Keychain Detroit Red Wings #NNO Walt McKechnie (unlisted). Hard to tell from the tiny scan, but his jersey logo is facing the wrong way.

1983 TCMA Tri-Cities Triplets 23 Jim Cesario. Not sure if this is reversed or not, but the writing on the jersey looks like it may be angled in the opposite way from what the Triplets uniforms look like in teammates' cards from the set. Also he is posing as a lefty, while he was a righty in real life.

1976 TCMA 1938 Chicago Cubs #PHCA Phil Cavaretta (middle photo) and #RICO Ripper Collins (far left photo) (unlisted). What's bizarre about these is that they do not appear to be reverse negatives of the photographs but the logo on the hats are reversed. You can tell by comparing the Cavaretta error in the middle with the correct photo on the far right, which does not have a backwards C.

1988 Monty Gum #26 Houston Oilers Tackled From Behind (UK). All the numbers and letters in this pic are obviously reversed.

1988 Swell Greats #66 Yale Lary (UER, unlisted). The 28 on his uniform is reversed and he kicked with his right foot, while he is kicking with his left in this photo.

1933 O-Pee-Chee Jimmy Ward Series A. The series B card is pictured here, but I read somewhere that the Series A photo is reversed. Haven't actually seen a scan though.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #41A Bobby Hull. The error is on the right with the reversed 7 and Blackhawks logo, while the corrected version is on the left.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #55A Fred Standfield. Error on the left, corrected on the right.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #80A Eddie Joyal. Red Wings logo is facing the wrong way.

1964-67 Beehive Group III #94A. Floyd Smith. Like the Joyal card, the Red Wings logo is reversed.

2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York #147 Elston Howard (UER, unlisted). Found out about this after my post on post-1995 rev negs last year. Found it on the Trading Card Database website. Yet another Reversed Yankees logo.

This card from the 1964 Topps baseball set is subtle but has Hank Aaron batting lefty.

Next post will be all about soccer cards from around the world...

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